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PDE Tools

PDE Tools is a collection of plug-ins for Eclipse that help developing other Eclipse plug-ins. Currently there is a marker details view and a selection details view.

Eclipse Version: 3.2+
JRE minimum: J2SE-1.5
Platform: all
Languages: de, en
License: Eclipse Public License (EPL) 1.0
Copyright: 2006 Daniel Hirscher


Getting started

Select Window > Show View > Other... then in folder PDE Runtime the view of interest.

The show view dialog.

Marker Details View

Select any marker (from problems, tasks, bookmarks, ...) to inspect the details. Select the hierarchy toolbar button to see the supertypes.

The marker details view.

Selection Details View

All platform published selection (via selection provider) will be shown automatically in this view. You can see the implementing class. In case of a structured selection, you can see the number of elements and each element class and string representation in the table. The string representation of the selected table entry is fully shown below the table.

The selection details view.


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